Creating illustrations for the game "Gravity"
The task was to draw a series of illustrations for game cards. board game "gravity" represents the world that consists of many islands floating in the skies. Several factions are fighting against each other to gain supremacy.
Statement of work:

- Number of illustrations: 14

- Size of illustration: 3508х2480рх

- The key components must be on separate layers.

- Final file format: PSD & JPG

- Period of execution: 6 weeks
Together with our customer we chose suitable technique of work for illustrations.At first we were planing to draw realistic style but it was impossible to do it in time. So we offered more "comic" style. Finally it took as us about two days to draw each illustration. This rate of work completely satisfied our customer. Project style – steam punk. This gave us interesting opportunities for designing vehicles architecture and costumes.
We completed the task on time, meeting all technical requirements. And we are very proud with the response that the customer left :

"I started to work with two artists but it didn't make out. But then I saw a link on El'ton Digital in a group "Grani" ( We made an agreement very fast, the price was good, they even did a discount due to the huge amount of work. I felt a little bit amateur while writing the Statement of Work, even though guys understood everything and did it properly. They created overall design very fast. We negotiated on the details and they started working right away. Team did the corrections in time, but they didn't blindly followed my requests we had dialogue which helped to find best option for each illustration. Guys made very good impression they are professionals in design as well as in business. I'm looking forward doing business with this team soon. Thank you very much again."
(с) Arkady Pavlov
Game designer of a board game "Gravity"

14G Mashinostroiteley Volzhsky Russian Federation
est 2018 (C) 2018 Elton CG Studio