Development of the game board for fantasy board game "Dalnozemye. Awakening of Gods."
We had to perform 3 tasks:
1.Map rendering with landscape and geography (in isometrics)
2.Architectural objects rendering – active map points (in isometrics)
3.Overall design (text, icons)
Statement of Work:

- Overall game board size: 57x85,5 cm

- Color scheme CMYK

- Final file format PNG & JPG

- Besides game board it was ought to provide images of architectural objects in PNG format separately

- Period of execution: 4 week

Most part of the content was hand drawn, but some parts were drawn using photobash technique and 3d modeling. Stylistics which we used for architecture will definitely suit board games as well as video games.
It was a pleasure to work with such an interesting setting. Although this project was quite a hard work we solved all the problems and we are sure that customer was satisfied with our work.

"I was looking for good artists who could do a game board for my game. Out of many offers I've chosen these guys and you know what? I wasn't disappointed! All you need is a detailed Statement of Work and full description of your idea. And in a few days this guys will give you several options. One of them would totally be a bullseye and others will definitely surprise you with their creativity and interesting ideas. Moreover, if there will be questions or a blind alley with drawings or design they'll try and solve literally any problem or give you new options! Of course, there were controversial issues but they were solved as soon as they ap-peared. I'm very satisfied with our partnership, thank, I'm looking forward working with you again soon!"
Artur "Archi"
Game designer of a board game "Dalnozemye. Awaking of gods."

14G Mashinostroiteley Volzhsky Russian Federation
est 2018 (C) 2018 Elton CG Studio