About us
El'ton Digital Studio was founded in 2017. Our friendly team has made many various ambitious projects during this period. It's extremely necessary for us to make only qualitative content.
It's just because we are fond of drawing!

What can we do:
For your videogame: promo art; character, item, locations concept art; character por-traits, ingame items sprites, icons, buttons.
For your boardgame: graphics on a turn-key basis
For your book: illustrations, covers
And also sketches, storyboards, comics, stickers.

Our team
В нашей команде профессиональные иллюстраторы и художники с высшим профильным образованием
David Grigoryan
Head of the studio
Bad and good cop in one person
Ivan Chistyakov
Technical artist
Smartie, a little bit of a nerd, but a nice guy
Liubov Aksenova
Classic arts professional. Easels plaster heads and stuff
Denis Morozov
Concept artist
Draws Donald Duck with his eyes shut
Alexander Drozhzhin
Dumbbell and brush master
Victoria Rodina
PR manager
Wraps us in a beautiful wrapper
Our works
Our artists will translate your ideas into an individual and unique image
Client reviews
Send us a message
Here's our typical work plan
Acquaintance with the task
You tell us about your project so we get acquainted with your ideas and what our job will be
Getting an agreement on terms of cooperation
Together we'll accommodate all the terms: deadline workload budget. Then we get to an agreement contract is concluded
Statement of work transfer
You provide us with the Statement of Work where the details of the assignment will be set out
Sketch stage
We'll be doing sketches and working on the concept (if it's necessary during this project). You could make your corrections during this stage, till you're fully satisfied with the result (composition design etc)
Main work stage
During this stage we could demonstrate you interim results. You could do some mi-nor corrections that do not contradict to the previously approved sketches
You could make cosmetic corrections in the end of the work if there's such necessity.
We'll send you all the files, as well as the sources (if necessary). After that, you postpay and we thank each other for mutually beneficial and productive cooperation

If you come to the conclusion some day that some parts of the task should be remade or finished due to various circumstances. We'll gladly help you with this. In this case we are coming back to stage "one".
14G Mashinostroiteley Volzhsky Russian Federation

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